Our Experienced Private Obstetrics Care Team

Be cared for by a dedicated obstetrician throughout your pregnancy and during delivery at Greenslopes Private Maternity.

When it comes to pregnancy care, you want a down-to-earth specialist you can trust and a true ally in the delivery room.

An obstetrician who knows you like a good friend, sharing your pregnancy journey and leveraging their experience to help you feel reassured every step of the way.

As a Jelly Bean Maternity patient, you’ll be paired with one of our experienced obstetricians who will be there to support you and provide personal, tailored advice based on your health needs.

Any changes or concerns will be closely monitored and you’ll leave each appointment feeling heard and in good hands.

Our established team of 9 Brisbane obstetricians have worked closely with the midwives at Greenslopes Private Maternity for years, so when the time comes, you will also feel confident knowing you’ll receive the very best coordinated care, right when it’s needed most.

Our Obstetricians – Greenslopes Private Maternity

Our medical specialists love sharing the pregnancy journey with all families. This is why they choose to do what they do. As well as being highly experienced specialists, they are attentive and committed to providing quality care in a friendly and professional environment.

Our obstetricians work on a rotating roster. Some also work in public hospitals or in other obstetric clinics. For this reason, they may not always be on hand if you have an unscheduled question or appointment. However, Jelly Bean Maternity emphasises a collaborative approach, so even if your primary obstetrician is not available, you can expect the same level of care from a doctor who has full access to your pregnancy information.

As a Jelly Bean Maternity patient, you’ll enjoy exceptional care from our team of leading obstetricians, who work on a rotating basis. At your first appointment, you’ll be paired with the best available obstetrician for your health needs, who will then provide dedicated support to you throughout your pregnancy.
Our current team of consulting obstetricians include:
  • Dr Amie Hanlon
  • Dr Bryan Kenny
  • Dr Ken Law
  • Dr Dora Ng

Our Support Team

Our doctors are supported by an excellent team of administration and clinical support staff. Everyone works together to make sure you receive an exceptional level of support so that your experience with us is seamless and enjoyable. We are always ready to answer your questions and put you at ease.

To learn more about our affordable maternity care service and how we work with Greenslopes Private Maternity, simply call our friendly team on 07 3188 5168.

With Jelly Bean Maternity

You can still enjoy private pregnancy care while being mindful of your budget.

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