What are Obstetricians?

Understanding pregnancy doctors, prenatal care and when to see an obstetrician

Obstetricians are qualified doctors who specialise in pregnancy and childbirth. They provide expert maternity care and advice to women throughout their pregnancy (known as prenatal/antenatal care) and after birth (postnatal care).

Due to their specialist training, obstetricians are able to manage high-risk pregnancies and labours as well as perform procedures such as C-sections or other medical interventions.

Your decision to have your baby through either the public or private health system in Australia will determine how often you see an obstetrician throughout your pregnancy. Through the public system, your pregnancy care is likely to be shared by midwives and obstetricians.

What does an obstetrician do?

As experienced pregnancy doctors, obstetricians support you by:

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Conducting routine pregnancy checkups to monitor you and your baby’s health using tests and measurements

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Explaining what to expect throughout your pregnancy, labour and delivery and answering all your questions

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Providing advice on how to manage and prevent any health conditions that may increase your risk of complications

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Supporting your overall health by recommending lifestyle changes that can assist with a healthy pregnancy (ie diet, exercise and medications)

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Delivering your baby in hospital when the times comes.

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Observing your health after childbirth and providing postnatal care

When to see an obstetrician

At your first obstetrics appointment (usually between 8-14 weeks), your obstetrician will review your medical history and discuss your pregnancy care plan checkup schedule.

The number of checkups you’ll have throughout your pregnancy can depend on a range of factors including pre-existing or emerging health conditions/complications and the level of care you’re after.

Private obstetricians will generally charge an out-of-pocket pregnancy management fee to cover the costs of your pregnancy management and delivery.

This can vary from $3,000-$5,000+ depending on the private obstetrician you choose.


How to reduce out-of-pocket expenses

Some of Brisbane’s leading obstetricians have recognised that the high cost of having a baby can put private obstetrics out of reach for some families.

And that’s how Jelly Bean Maternity was born.

Designed for expectant parents with private health insurance who want to reduce their out-of-pocket expenses whilst still receiving dedicated care from a specialist obstetrician, Jelly Bean Maternity is Brisbane’s most affordable pregnancy care option.

With Jelly Bean Maternity, standard Medicare rebates and eligible private maternity cover, you’ll pay just $2,000* (out-of-pocket savings of  75%+) for outstanding obstetrics care and deliver your baby at one of Brisbane’s premier private maternity hospitals, Greenslopes Private Hospital.

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* Check with your private health fund to confirm your level of cover and inclusions.

Pregnancy Checkup Schedule

Jelly Bean Maternity
First Trimester - 1-12 Weeks
Appointments with your GP for the following checks:

  • A dating ultrasound
  • Antenatal bloods
  • First trimester chromosomal screening – NT screen +/- NIPT test

As required
Initial Jelly Bean Maternity consultation
> To discuss your medical history and pair you with an experienced obstetrician based on your needs
As required
2nd Trimester - 13-27 Weeks
First obstetrician appointment

  • Get to know your obstetrician
  • Discuss your pregnancy and ask questions
  • Receive your morphology referral

13-14 Weeks
Obstetrician appointment

  • Checkup
  • Review your completed morphology scan

20 weeks
Obstetrician appointment

  • Checkup
  • Receive your glucose intolerance test referral
  • Receive your Boostrix vaccination (diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough)

24 weeks
3rd Trimester - From 28 Weeks
Obstetrician appointment28 weeks
1-2 obstetrician appointments depending on your health needs33 weeks
1-2 obstetrician appointments depending on your health needs36 weeks
1-2 obstetrician appointments depending on your health needs37 weeks
1-2 obstetrician appointments depending on your health needs38 weeks
1-2 obstetrician appointments depending on your health needs39 weeks
1-2 obstetrician appointments depending on your health needs40 weeks
Obstetrician appointment including post-natal check up6 weeks after birth

Benefits of Jelly Bean Maternity

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FREE initial consultation

Initial obligation-free consultation where you are paired with a obstetrician based on your health needs

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Antenatal checkups

Approximately 15 antenatal appointments with an obstetrician to monitor your pregnancy, receive tailored advice and ask questions.

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Dedicated obstetrician

Unlike other affordable maternity options, all Jelly Bean Maternity appointments are conducted by a specialist obstetrician.

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Your obstetrician will conduct some in-room ultrasounds so you can see your baby during appointments throughout your pregnancy

support staff

Ongoing support

A friendly and caring team of support staff will ensure the very best pregnancy experience for you and your family

Some costs not included in Jelly Bean Maternity’s service are:

  • Screening for Down syndrome or other chromosomal issues
  • Delivery and stay at Greenslopes Private Hospital
  • Anaesthetic service for epidural or caesarean
  • Paediatric service when your baby is born
  • Ultrasounds outside-of–rooms
  • Pathology
Please check with your private health fund to confirm what your insurance covers.

Do I need a referral for my first obstetrician appointment?

Yes. It is recommended that you obtain a referral from your GP to see an obstetrician in order to get the relevant Medicare rebate. Without a referral, your out-of-pocket expenses will increase.

How can I book my first obstetricians appointment?

Your first appointment with Jelly Bean Maternity is completely cost free.

At your first appointment you will meet your obstetrician and you can provide a full medical history.

For more information about $2,000* affordable private pregnancy care, or to see if you are eligible, submit an enquiry or call the practice on (07) 3188 5168.

Places are in high demand, so enquire now to avoid disappointment!

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Disclaimer: This page provides general information about obstetricians only. Please speak to Jelly Bean Maternity to obtain specific professional advice relevant to your personal circumstances.