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Affordable private obstetrics care in Greenslopes for just $1,200* out-of-pocket.

Having a new baby can mean a big financial adjustment, especially if you are seeking private obstetrics care for your pregnancy and delivery. We understand that not all expectant mothers and their families have the time to shop around for the best value. This is why we have developed our affordable obstetrics option. We bridge the growing gap between private and public pregnancy care, making your search for pregnancy care easier.

Jelly Bean Cycle of Care:

Exceptional level of care

Jelly Bean Maternity offers you excellent private obstetrics care in Greenslopes by experienced Brisbane obstetricians with affordable, transparent fees. We bridge the gap between public and private care by offering a reduced pregnancy management fee.

Low obstetrician fees

With Medicare and eligible obstetrics cover with a private health fund, you will pay an out-pocket fee of $1,200*, for which you will receive:

  • Approximately 15 antenatal visits with an obstetrician
  • Some in-rooms ultrasounds
  • One postnatal appointment
  • A friendly and caring team of support staff who will enjoy sharing your pregnancy experience with you

Other costs that are not part of our service can or may include:

  • Screening for Downs Syndrome or other chromosomal issues
  • Delivery and stay at Greenslopes Private Hospital
  • Anaesthetic service for epidural or caesarean
  • Paediatric service when your baby is born
  • Ultrasounds outside-of–rooms
  • Pathology

*Conditions apply with some private health funds

Pregnancy journey

No two pregnancies are the same. Your pregnancy management plan depends on your individual history and health, as well as the progress of your growing baby. However, there are certain check-ups and appointments that are standard for a normal pregnancy, and these are all included in your out-of-pocket fee with Jelly Bean Maternity. They are:

  • Fortnightly obstetric visits between 28 and 36 weeks
  • Weekly visits from 36 weeks onwards
  • A postnatal visit when your baby is six weeks old

Please note other screening and tests that you need to arrange through your GP which will incur a cost may include:

  • Initial tests and ultrasound in the first month
  • Morphology ultrasound at 18-20 weeks
  • Gestational diabetes screening test after 20 weeks

To speak directly with our friendly team please call 07 3188 5168

With Jelly Bean Maternity

You can still enjoy private pregnancy care while being mindful of your budget.

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