Women’s Health Week puts women’s health first!

Everyday, women push other priorities ahead of their own health. It’s not necessarily a conscious decision. Often, life just gets in the way.

Women’s Health Week was established to shine a light on improving women’s health and supporting them to make healthier choices. Now in its eighth year, it’s a permanent fixture on the Australian calendar, taking place in the first week of September.

Every day of the week focuses on a different health issue. In 2020, how to take care of the ‘wonders down under’ – the vagina, vulva, uterus and ovaries – kicked off the week. Fact sheets, videos and other resources were shared on the topic. As the week progressed, heart health came into the spotlight, as did bladder, bowel and gut health, mental health and money matters. All of the resources from the week remain available on the Women’s Health Week website here.

This year, Jenny Morrison, the wife of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, lent her voice to the initiative, encouraging all women in Australia to get up to date with their health checks. With all the craziness of 2020, pathology statistics show that women have been putting off their regular health checks, such as mammograms and cervical screening (pap smears). There is no time like the present to get those appointments back into the calendar.

This year during the week, there were also opportunities for women to host events and attend events – of which 1432 were registered across Australia, such as the Women’s Health Week Comedy Gala. There was also an opportunity to ‘Take Steps for Women’s Health’, an initiative to collectively travel 16,500 kms around Australia.

While the 2020 supporter numbers are yet to be tallied, in 2019, more than 112,000 women participated in more than 2800 events, and almost 45,000 women subscribed to the online campaign.

It’s a great initiative that’s gaining momentum and offers a timely reminder for women to put their health first.


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